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The Adventures of Wizahickon
a story of discovery

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I'm Mary Russo PhD, author of The Adventures of Wizahickon.

About the Author
Mary Russo, author, is a psychologist who helps individuals enrich their sense of self through personal development. Believing that within each of us exists a yearning inner child, she wrote this book to encourage children of all ages to see themselves as strong and to have courage to express their uniqueness. Mary lives in California with her husband and has two grown children and a grandchild to whom she reads often.


About my latest book, Polka Dot Sue

Polka Dot Sue is the story of a young girl with polka dot hair who takes great pride in who she is, and she conveys this pride through her enjoyment of choosing a new outfit for each day. The story encourages a sense of self-acceptance and pride despite obstacles, thus showing how a sense of self-empowerment can arise from believing in one self. With the color-emotion awareness, it encourages the young reader to understand more about feelings. The days of the week provide a framework which gives an opportunity for more fundamental growth.

Polka Dot Sue:
Cover Designer: Mary Russo and Yelen Kasianova

About my book, The Adventures of Wizahickon

Through the joyful spirit of an elf-like forest creature, Wizahickon, a little girl learns that fears do not need to be stifiled but can be the impetus for change and self-empowerment. The embedded message of fears challenged slip into the child's unconscious, while the story produces a sense of fun and adventure.