Mary Russo PhD
The Adventures of Wizahickon
a story of discovery

Mary Russo PhD

author of The Adventures of Wizahickon
Mary Russo, author, is a psychologist who helps individuals with personal development to enrich their sense of self. Believing that within each of us exists a yearning inner child, she wrote this book to encourage children of all ages to see themselves as strong and to have courage to express their uniqueness. Mary lives in California with her husband and has two grown children and a grandchild to whom she reads often. 

Her second book, POLKA DOT SUE, shares gentle messages about self-esteem,and belief in one self despite obstacles. Both avaibale at your on line retailers also ibook and the Nook readers. 

Her third book, Grandma Loves Pillows, teaches about discovery and realizing what really is important is alwys there within us, we just need to look closer. It's about the choices we make and discovering.