Mary Russo PhD
The Adventures of Wizahickon
a story of discovery

Wizahickon and the forest creatures are quite comfortable living in the Lemon Grass forest, until one day someone new appears and Wizahickon learns that being afraid is ok and part of growing.

Fear can be the catalyst for positive change, and it's never too early to teach children that facing their fears is an important part of growing up. Deftly imparting this practical advice using whimsy and lighthearted characters THE ADVENTURES OF WIZAHICKON is an ideal source for fostering a sense of empowerment in little ones. 

My second book POLKA DOT SUE, is about self-esteem and growing despite obstacles. Polka Dote Sue has polka dot hair and takes great pride in who she is. The story encourgaes a sense of self-acceptance and pride despite obstacles., thus showing how a sense of self-empowerment can arise from believing in one self. With color emotion awareness within the story, it encourages the young reader to understand about feelings. The days of the week provide a framework which gives an opportunity for more fundamental growth. Available now at your on-line retailers.

 My third book, Grandma Loves Pillows, is about the choices we make. Grandma collects too much and soon finds she has lost what she most valued - her friends. 

Grandma learned collecting too much has consequences and she much reflect on her own choices. 

All books are ideal for a read-along and simple enough for beginning readers to tackle on their own.

Three  enchanting new children's books offering a positive message in courage and empowerment.