Ideal for the young reader. My child was so excited to learn more.

K. Clauss, new parent

The opportunity for fundamental growth and color emotion context is a great element within the stories themselves.

H. Shakes, former elementary school teacher & principal

A charming tale, that makes a point that helping others is good.

Silicon Valley Community News

What an awesome book about how we are each wonderful and unique, and we are each "better than best." Polka Dot Sue is the story of a girl with polka dot hair, who teaches readers days of the week, colors and how to be happy and filled with joy. Give this one a read to your youngster or to yourself.

Jeffrey Ward - Amazon

Our family has three children and my oldest is 6. She especially likes the colors, the days of the week, the polka dot hair, and her dog Stu. This book shows you can be different and independent, and instills confidence. It is a fun and quick read, and the children keep requesting it for part of our bedtime routine. Thank you, Mary!

Joey M. - Amazon

This is a delightful book with a fantastic message for all young children. Polka Dot Sue has so much confidence, is completely self-assured, and never afraid to express herself in her clothing style and choices. What a great role model for girls AND boys who are developing their identities. Polka Dot Sue is what we should wish for all of our children - a happy, delightful, and self-assured young person not afraid to always be true to herself. I highly recommend this book!!

susieg - Amazon

An "affirming" sequence of events with enticing illustrations! For younger audiences, this story provides a first "look" at growing personal "confidence". Polka Dot Sue provides a colorful display of emotions that help to build a strong sense of "self".

melissadonahoe123 - Amazon

This is a well written story with a lesson about people being more important than things. My Grand Daughter loves the story and the illustrations. After reading this book with me she gave her cousin 1/2 of her dinosaur collection saying “ I have so many”.

tamara - Amazon

This is a wonderful book about love and the gift of giving. I read this book to my niece every time she visits. Took a photo of the book on pillows (which we bunch up and recline on) when this story is read. I am looking forward to the hardback edition when it is printed. The author and the illustrator did a wonderful job with this tale.

Jeffrey Ward - Amazon

About a young person's expression of her inner self, this book is perfect for a young girls. And it is a good book for a parent or teacher to read with a child. The pictures and text are imaginative and colorful - full of detail - yet easy for beginning readers to grasp. And the reader aides encourage attention to color words and days of the week in light hearted manner. I highly recommend it!

Harriette A Shakes - Amazon

I loved reading this lovely book with my three-year old daughter! She just fancies Polka Dot Sue and wants to emulate her in every way. She is learning the days of the week and appreciating color in a whole new way! You will love this gem of a book too. Great for a gift too!

Katherine Clauss - Amazon

Polka Dot Sue is a delight! Lovely Story and the perfect illustrations suitable for children of all ages!

Maryann Sparelic - Amazon